What Is ChangeAlert?

ChangeAlert is a moisture sensor for continence pads, which signals when they need changing. Pads can then be changed far quicker, reducing patient discomfort and helping to avoid severe infections and pressure ulcers.

Unnecessary and invasive continence checks and changes are also avoided, improving patient quality of life.

How ChangeAlert Works?

ChangeAlert monitors the moisture levels in the surface of patients’ pads. As soon as their skin is exposed to urine it sends a signal to carers so their pads can be changed. This enables carers to offer improved levels of personalised care.


The system provides real-time data on your patients’ continence needs. This allows you to monitor their pad moisture levels remotely and non-invasively. This data is stored securely in the cloud.

Signals are sent to a digital display screen in care homes, or for independent users to a keyring or smartphone their carer has.

Who Is ChangeAlert For?

ChangeAlert was designed for people with severe urinary incontinence, whether they live independently or in a nursing home. Most people with urinary incontinence are elderly or dependent.

Independent Users

Signals are sent via a key-ring to care agencies or families. This allows them to provide more accurate and timely visits to individuals at home. Tailoring care patterns to individual needs will help elderly incontinent people live independently at home for longer.

Care Homes

Warning signals are sent to a centralised display screen that carers monitor. This allows carers to change wet pads quicker and avoid unnecessary continence checks and changes.
This optimises time and financial resources and enables higher levels of personalised care to be provided.


We are planning clinical studies to demonstrate how ChangeAlert will benefit elderly care wards within the NHS.

What We Stand For?

We stand for restoring dignity and improving quality of life for those affected by incontinence. We designed ChangeAlert after caring for an incontinent relative and realising there wasn’t an effective solution. We aim to improve continence care globally and to break the taboo around incontinence.

Independent Users

  • Avoid pressure ulcers and infections
  • Avoid unnecessary continence checks
  • Restore dignity
  • Improve quality of life

Care Homes

  • Real-time info on patient continence needs
  • Optimise staff workload
  • Reduce pad wastage
  • Provide higher levels of personalised care


  • Reduce incontinence related admissions
  • Incontinence reports enable better care
  • Avoid delays to patient withdrawals
  • Otimise use of continence pads